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  • Waterproof Abrasive Paper
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    Waterproof Abrasive Paper

    Electro-static coated waterproof abrasive paper is made of silicon carbide or brown fused alumina coated on paper, using synthetic resin as adhsive. It is suitable for grinding and polishing autoMobile , furniture, leather , cases of electrical household appliances , and...Read More
  • Zinc Stearate Abrasives Paper
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    Zinc Stearate Abrasives Paper

    Zinc-stearate abrasive paper is made of zinc-stearate materials coated on the surface of abrasive paper. It has the function of draining crumb, cooling , anti-clog. It is especially used in the dry polishing soft materials, such as wood, paint, soft metal, and etc.Read More
  • Dry Abrasive Paper
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    Dry Abrasive Paper

    Dry abrasive paper is made of glue or synthetic resin, garnet ,glass ,aluminium oxide, or white aluminium oxide coated on paper backing. It is suitable for grinding and polishing the products made of bamboo or wood.Read More
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