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Abrasive grain size

Dragon Abrasives Group Limited | Updated: Apr 12, 2017

The particle size of the abrasive refers to the particle size of the abrasive. Abrasive can be divided according to the size of its particle size abrasive, milling, powder and ultra-fine powder four groups. Among them, the abrasive grain and the grinding of the two groups of abrasive particle size number per inch mesh length on the number of mesh, the logo is in the upper part of the number of granularity number plus "#" symbol. For example, 240 #, refers to the length of each inch of the screen has 240 holes, the greater the value of particle size, indicating that the smaller the abrasive. The number of particles in the two groups of abrasives is expressed in terms of the actual size of the particles, and the sign is to add a letter "W" in front of the particle size number. Sometimes it can be converted into sieve number. For example, W20 is the actual size of the abrasive particles in the range of 20 μm to 14 μm, which is 500 °.

There are coarse, medium, and fine particles in the grain size of the various abrasives. Granules are the basic particle size in the grinding powder, is the main factor in determining the abrasive grinding capacity, occupies a large proportion in the Lido composition. Practice has proved that: after centrifugal sorting of the grinding powder its grinding capacity than before the election by 20%. Fine particles play a very small grinding effect in the grinding, the particle size in addition to grinding the quality of the workpiece, but also reduce the grinding efficiency, should be in the particle size composition to minimize their number. Thus, the abrasive particles are required to be uniform from the efficiency of grinding and the quality of the work. Particle size in the 12 # ~ 80 # abrasive group, the larger particle size, is not suitable for grinding abrasive.

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