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Effect Of Shot Blasting Pellets On Shot Blasting

Dragon Abrasives Group Limited | Updated: Apr 12, 2017

Sandblasting process: sand blasting is the company for the vast number of consumers to provide professional, in addition, for the Han Tong Industrial is a professional blasting shot blasting manufacturers, there are a lot of Aspect, with a look "Shot pills for the impact of shot processing Han Tong Industrial is a professional blasting shot blasting factory" bar.

Sandblasting process Shot blasting is through the use of machinery and through a higher speed and a certain angle, the pellets spray onto the surface of the workpiece, and then the process of cleaning. Of course, in this process will use the shot blasting machine equipped with dust, etc., so that impurities can be collected, so as not to pollute the environment.

Sandblasting process Shot blasting machine categories are hand push, car and self-type three, shot blasting machine in the operation of the use, should control the size of the pellets, shape and speed, but also control the flow so that Get a good surface treatment effect. In the process of shot blasting used in the pellets, usually there are quartz sand and steel balls and so on. Quartz sand is easily broken due to dust, so it is not suitable for use in the production line, mainly for manual shot blasting. The steel shot, although its price is relatively high, but not broken, and the long life of shot, shot pills for the impact of shot processing is the production line to share.

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