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Six Factors To Help You Save Sandblasting Abrasive

Dragon Abrasives Group Limited | Updated: Apr 12, 2017

1, separator

Separator is the most important part of the loss of abrasive, there are two kinds of separator, one is the air sorting method, one is the mechanical sorting method, the general sandblasting machine are selected pneumatic sorting. In the purchase of sandblasting machine before the user to determine the best before the process, to accurately the type of abrasive, particle size to inform manufacturers, so that when the sandblasting machine design can be more precise control. Separate the lower part of the separator, use the front position to adjust the position.

2, dust collector

The size of the dust collector directly lead to the loss of abrasive, sandblasting machine before the use of dust regulator throttle to adjust to the best position locked. On time to clean the filter inside the filter cartridge, on time down the dust inside the dust collector sand.

3, abrasive recovery device

There are two kinds of abrasive recovery devices, one for the strength of recovery, one for mechanical recovery, if the use of non-metallic sandblasting abrasive recommended the use of pneumatic recovery, if the use of abrasive abrasive when the two can be used. Because non-metallic use of mechanical recycling time, the abrasive is easy to be scraping scrap, resulting in waste. Pomegranate sand is a non-metallic abrasive, so use it to blister and rust when using pneumatic recovery.

4, spray gun

The effect of the gun is mainly due to its wear and tear, if the gun wear serious, it will cause the consumption of sand increased, so in use to regularly check the gun nozzle, sand Tsui, Qi Tsui, gun and other parts, once found wear , To replace the new parts immediately.

5, sand pipe

As for this factor, many people do not agree with or do not pay attention to this factor. In fact, the direction of the sand pipe completely control the direction of the abrasive, so the bending of the sand pipe will affect the abrasive spray to the surface of the workpiece angle, we know that one of the factors that affect the sandblasting effect is the angle. So sand pipe is also an important factor in the impact, in order to avoid loss, must reduce the sand pipe bending.

6, pressure

The size of the pressure directly lead to the efficiency of the speed, but also directly lead to the loss of abrasive size, then if the best pressure to make the fastest efficiency and abrasive minimum loss, to know the exact data, the need to see the user products Requirements and materials, such as aluminum products, oxidative pretreatment, the best pressure in about 4 kg.

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