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  • Semi-Flex Fibre Disc
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    Semi-Flex Fibre Disc

    Semi-flex disc is specially designed vulcanized fiber disc withgroov for grinding metal, stone and cement with higher efficiency. The max speed: 80m/s Vulcanized Fiber thickness: 1.2-2.2mmRead More
  • Fibre Disc
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    Fibre Disc

    Vulcanized fibre disc , with the abrasives of alumina or silicon carbide bonded on the surface of high-strength vulcanized fibre by synthetic resin , is another kind of coated abrasive . It can be fixed onto electrical or pneumatic angular grinder to remove rust , burrs ,...Read More
  • Fiberglass Backing Plate for Flap Discs
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    Fiberglass Backing Plate for Flap Discs

    Fibreglass backing plates are made of fibreglass cloth which is specially woven and treated, ,it is widely used to be the base of coating tools such as flap discl, PVA abrasive disc etc.Read More
  • Fiberglass Disc for Resin-bonded Abrasive Wheels
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    Fiberglass Disc for Resin-bonded Abrasive Wheels

    Fiberglass Disc is the basal material of Resin- Bonded Abrasive Wheel. It is baked and punched from Fiberglass mesh cloth coated with phenolics and epoxy resin. Fibreglass Discs can be available together with black paper or/and wax paper. Available Sizes: 4", 4.5",...Read More
  • Narrow Belts
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    Narrow Belts

    Narrow Belt These belts are converted from premium grade, resin bond coated abrasive jumbos to your specified dimensions, We only selects the best abrasive cloth manufacturers that offer world-class technology in their products, which means our customers will benefit from the...Read More
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