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  • Brown Fused Alumina for Blasting
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    Brown Fused Alumina for Blasting

    Brown fused alumina is made from high quality bauxite by fusing in an electric arc furnace at high temperature. It has good toughness and high hardness. It is suitable for manufacturing of vitrified and resin bonded tools, and for lapping,polishin, and sand blasting and sand...Read More
  • Brown Fused Alumina for Shotpeening and Surface Preparation
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    Brown Fused Alumina for Shotpeening and Surface Preparation

    Specification: Brown fused alumina, for premium quality refractory and abrasive products making, high Al2O3 content, low impurity, higher toughness.Read More
  • Black Silicon Carbide for Cleaning and Blasting
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    Black Silicon Carbide for Cleaning and Blasting

    Black silicon carbide is manufacturered at high temperature in an electric resistance type arc furnace with quarts sand and petroleum coke as its main raw materials .Its hardness is more than fused alumina but less than synthetic diamond. Mechanical intensity of it is higher...Read More
  • Green Silicon Carbide
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    Green Silicon Carbide

    Green Silicon Carbide (GSIC) is produced in an electric resistance furnace from quartz sand, petroleum coke and salt at high temperature. GSIC semi-transparent in green color with friability, high purity and high hardness. It's suited for grinding hard, brittle and...Read More
  • Micron Glass Beads
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    Micron Glass Beads

    Glass beads, used for sandblasting purpose, which have perfect spheres with a smooth, brilliant surface, chemically inert, widely used in wet or dry method for prestressing shot peening, cleaning, trimming, surface finishing, smooth and deburring processing in industrial...Read More
  • Grinding Glass Beads
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    Grinding Glass Beads

    Grinding Glass beads are mostly used as wet and dry grinding media which adopted by micron powders processing, not only used in paint, dyement, and ink industries, but also used in magnetic, pharmaceutical, papermaking, China-clay and rubber industry. There are four types of...Read More
  • Crushed Glass
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    Crushed Glass

    Dragon Abrasives Group has our own manufacturer to talor-made colored glass balls, grits to meet particular requirements of customers, which are regularly exporting to U.S.A. Its main purpose is to pave the way and bottom of swimming pool, garden, and other construction...Read More
  • Glass Beads for Road Marking
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    Glass Beads for Road Marking

    High Reflective Glass Beads can highly improve the visibility of traffic markings and road signs and provide safer night driving conditions. Glass beads can be pre-mixed to making of reflective thermoplastic paint or used to be dropped on the freshly stripped paint surface on...Read More
  • Steel Shot and Grit
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    Steel Shot and Grit

    Steel Shots & Grits, supplied by Dragon Abrasives, with moderate hardness, excellent elasticity, wear-resistant, give less dust, longer recycle life, time- and cost- saving, are commonly used for shot peening to give residual stress in the surface layer of components for...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Shot
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    Stainless Steel Shot

    Stainless Steel Shots (SUS) are mainly used for deburring and brightening of the surface of aluminium alloy, zinc alloy, colorful metal and stainless steel, etc. SUS can extend fatigue life, enhance corrosion- resisting and brighten the surface of parts. The hardness for new...Read More
  • Metal Cut Wire Shot
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    Metal Cut Wire Shot

    Metal Cut Wire shot mainly refers to carbon steel and stainless steel cut wire shot, which are widely used for shotpeening, surface treatment as well as cleaning and polishing of the surface of metal parts, deburring of die cast parts, is of reusable and recyclable, the...Read More
  • Chilled Iron Grit
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    Chilled Iron Grit

    CHILLED IRON DATA SHEET 25kg bag, 40 bags on a pallet with shrink. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PACKING: 25Kg polypropylene bags, such 40 bags load by a pallet.Read More
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