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  • Copper Slag
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    Copper Slag

    Copper Slag supplied by Dragon Abrasives is an abrasive for blast cleaning. With long time endurability, high hardness, fast rust-removing, excellent efficiency, no harm to human health. It is best rust cleaner and ideal media for building roads and pavements as well as floor...Read More
  • Corn Cob
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    Corn Cob

    Corn Cob is a soft abrasive media for blasting and etching the components’blasted surfaces. It is suitable for cleaning delicate surface, cleaning automobile super charges and turbine blades, removing unwanted flash residue produced during the moulding process from...Read More
  • Walnut Shell
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    Walnut Shell

    Introduction The walnut sand, supplied by Dragon Abrasives, which is made from walnut’s broken shell. It is widely used for the surface cleanness and water treatment. Features 1 Environmental. It is nontoxic, harmless, safe and clean. 2 Economical. It could be reused. 3 Good...Read More
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As one of the leading sandblasting manufacturers and suppliers in China, DRAGON ABRASIVES is specialized in wholesale and customized services. Feel free to buy high quality sandblasting made in China from our factory here.

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